2019 Campaign

In 2019 Loyal Poppy Crosses will be covering all of the cemeteries covered in previous years. Once we take on a cemetery it is permanently included with our objectives from year to year.

We are also adding a new incentive in order to cover more cemeteries in more countries



With our adopt a cemetery incentive, we would like you to commit to placing LPC poppies at EVERY grave within the cemetery you choose EVERY 11th November EVERY year.

We cannot take on hundreds of cemeteries all at once – so on a first-come-first-served basis we will aim to make poppies for the cemeteries which come in first, up until Remembrance Day 2019. Over time we will add to this number, as we do each year.

All of the poppies will have the name of the cemetery on them. This year at a number of the cemeteries we noticed that poppies had been removed, usually at those to the unknown soldiers. To prevent this happening, we will be placing the name of the cemetery on the crosses we provide. This will ensure none of them are removed and placed elsewhere – that they reach their intended destination.

If you would like to adopt a cemetery please email Sue at stcarchaeology@outlook.com,

with the name of the cemetery, your contact details, and where we can send the poppies.


NOTE: The number of casualties resting in each cemetery needs to be under 2,000 for our 2019 Campaign. Thank you !

Auchonvillers Military Cemetery